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Periodically, Republic of Yarnia produces limited runs of specially designed colorways. These colorways are based on anything to do with history! See below for upcoming releases, pre-orders and more.


Griffin's Glory
Release Date: July 15

For all you cotton lovers or those who can't work with protein fibers out there, this is a short limited run of cotton just for you! 

This fun colorway is based on a glamorous looking griffin in a French medieval manuscript. 
The colorway is a midnight blue that transitions into a deep maroon and then a carmine red. The red flows into a copper/deep orange color before transitioning out to a strong sun yellow. 

Each skein is 400m/100g of organic cotton in 4-ply/DK weight yarn. This Peruvian sourced cotton is super soft, has a slight sheen, and has excellent stitch definition.


Paris, Bibl. Sainte-Geneviève, ms. 0106, f. 100r. Evangéliaire à l’usage de l’abbaye Sainte-Geneviève de Paris. c 1525-1530.

Marsha's Crown
Release Date: Available

Marsha P. Johnson was a prominent figure in the US gay liberation movement, and was also a drag queen. To live on the margins was something Marsha knew well, so she devoted much of her life to advocating for homeless LGBTQ+ youth, gay & transgender rights, and those affected by AIDS and HIV. Marsha was well known for her floral crowns.

Each skein is 400m/100g of Merino/nylon fingering/sock weight yarn. Each skein comes with a beautiful commemorative sticker of a stained glass window featuring Marsha P Johnson.


This colorway takes inspiration from the colors of her crown as we honor her throughout June. 10% of all skeins sold will go to the Marsha P Johnson Institute that protects & supports Black trans folks. 


Pride Month Advents
Release Date: Expired

Let's celebrate the LGBTQ+ community and our siblings with these special packages that contain gifts to open every day in June. You get 15 mini skeins, 15 queer medieval facts, patterns, a tutorial, charms, a postcard and more! Last year we donated to the Okra Project. This year 10% of profits is going to Knit the Rainbow. These packages are great fun. Pre-Order  before May for 5 euros off. 

Sololos Symphony 
Release Date: Expired

When we think of space, we don't often think of history but all the pictures we have of space are of the past by the time they reach us. This gorgeous space medley takes us into deep history—a glorious blend of deep purple, navy, & black, with splashes of light purple, turquoise and whisps of pinks on a sparkle skein that represents the stars. In fingering/sock weight this sparkle yarn in merino/nylon (400m) will work up a treat in so many different projects.  

Screenshot 2024-02-22 052959.png

Fire Cracker Dragon
Release Date: Expired

2024 is the year of the dragon, so what better way to celebrate that than by creating projects with this late 16th-century fire-breathing dragon? The blend of deep blue tones merged with teal and kelly green are off-set with the sandy brown and russet red. A glorious colorway to create amazing projects in 2023. This limited edition is in sock weight merino/nylon (400m) and comes with a fiery mini skein (80m). 

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