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This is a LIMITED EDITION package deal that is as much heart as it is creativity. It's great bang for your buck, will make you gorgeous projects, and is giving back to the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Please note that pictures will be updated in the next couple of weeks. The colorways are going to include some neon colors so will be slightly different than last years package. 


These packages are pre-ordered and will be shipped out May 27th. If you would like to order other skeins, please let me know if you'd like them shipped out before or at the same time as this package.

Each package contains:

  • 15 mini skeins (as pictured) individually wrapped for opening
  • 15 facts about the queer Middle Ages
  • A stained glass crochet bag tutorial
  • rainbow-themed charms
  • A letter with info & suggested patterns
  • postcard 


Each mini-skein is merino 75%/ nylon 25 % (sock/fingering). Each skein is 80m/20g. (Superwash)


Colorway: The colorway is inspired by the c. 1612 painting of the Magus, Balthazar (traditionally one of the 3 wise men in the nativity story). His colorway is called "Kaliedescope King" and will also be available in June. His glorious rainbow colorway from head to foot is encorporated into the mini skeins giving you a kaleidescope of colors to work with. 


Last year Republic of Yarnia donated 10% of orders to The Okra Project. This year we will be donating 10% of earnings to Knit the Rainbow. This org helps with housing for LGBTQ+ and youths, as well as providing warmth and love for those in need when it's cold. Donations will be sent June 15th. 

This is such a win-win situation all around. This package gives you an opportunity to open up something special every day of June, receive something fun to create, learn new things about the Middle Ages, and fight white supremacy, homophobia and transphobia in one. It's so worth it. 


€110.00 Regular Price
€105.00Sale Price
Will be shipped May 27th, 2023
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