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Each shawl's wingspan averages approx. 5 ft but they are usually slightly wider depending on the pattern. One pattern measures around 8 feet wide. 

You have 4 shawl patterns to choose from. They can be created into airy, light wraps/shawls or dense ones to pack in the heat. 

The colorways are your choice whether they are colors from my shop or whether you want a new colorway or gradient of your choosing. Prices are generally based on 4 skeins of yarn but prices are adjusted depending on the number of skeins used. 

Shawl projects priced from €230 (including dyeing, crocheting, & shipping). 


How about wrapping yourself in a colorway based on depictions of beautiful PoC in pre/early modern history? Or design your own colorway!


Scarves are made with either Aran weight yarn or DK depending on how thick/heavy you want it. These options make it more versatile for either terribly cold or slightly chilly weather. You have 3 patterns to choose from. Get yourself one of these and wrap yourself in warmth and love. 

Scarf projects priced from €100 (including dyeing, crocheting, & shipping).

Send me a message and we can discuss a pattern and colorway that's right for youCustom Order Enquiry 

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