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Per calendar month, I take on a small number of custom projects. These are fully hands-on projects where I start by hand-dyeing your order in a particular colorway of your choice and then crochet the finished project for you. 

Projects include: Shawls, Scarves, Fingerless Gloves, Hats, or Special Projects

All custom projects must be approved first, since I have limited time to complete them. When you contact me, we will settle on a due date and confirm the price. Once you are happy with the details, I will invoice you. Payment is required before work begins. Each project takes at least one week to make, and more complicated projects like shawls or scarves will take longer. Scroll down to learn more details about specific items. 

Custom project enquiries can be made via our Custom Order Enquiry form.

Crochet Shawls and Wraps
(from €230 including shipping)

Each shawl's wingspan averages approx. 5 ft but they are usually slightly wider depending on the pattern. One pattern measures around 8 feet wide. 

You have 4 shawl patterns to choose from. They can be created into airy, light wraps/shawls or dense ones to pack in the heat. 

The colorways are your choice whether they are colors from my shop or whether you want a new colorway or gradient of your choosing.

Send me a message and we can discuss a pattern and colorway that's right for you: Custom Order Enquiry 

(from €100 including shipping)

How about wrapping yourself in a colorway based on depictions of beautiful PoC in pre/early modern history? Or design your own colorway! Scarves are made with either Aran weight yarn or DK depending on how thick/heavy you want it. These options make it more versatile for either terribly cold or slightly chilly weather. You have 3 patterns to choose from. Get yourself one of these and wrap yourself in warmth and love. 

Enquire about a scarf here: Custom Order Enquiry  

(€45 including shipping)

Choose from any of the colorways in the shop or create your own unique colorway and cover your head with gorgeousness. Hats are made with 100% merino or an alpaca/merino blend for extra softness and luxury. You can have a beanie, pom pom hat, a Viking hat, or slouch hat of your choice.

Enquire about hats here: Custom Order Enquiry  

Fingerless Gloves
(€58 including shipping)

These are great for people of all ages and are great gifts. You can use them for chilly weather and cold abodes. You can choose from existing shop colorways or create a colorway of your choice. They are made with 100% merino yarn and are machine washable on a gentle cycle (but preferably washed by hand). Keep your hands warm!

Order some fingerless gloves here: Custom Order Enquiry  

Coasters (set of 4)
(€45 including shipping)


Choose a colorway and get yourself a home accessory. Nestle your drink on a gorgeous Theban colorway or maybe a DomesDay Man? The choice is yours!  I'm happy to make these coasters soft or a little harder for more durability. You have 2 designs to choose from.

Order a set of coasters hereCustom Order Enquiry  


Special Projects


I have done a number of special projects for clients ranging from wall decor, teaching tools for classes, book launch accessories, and special colorways for events and projects.

Enquire about your special project hereCustom Order Enquiry   

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