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 I have done a number of special projects for clients ranging from wall decor, teaching tools for classes, book launch accessories, and specific colorways for special occasions, events and projects. Prices are based on the size of the project and quantity of material used.


Enquire about your special project here: Custom Order Enquiry   

John Blanke Project 

A colorway and special commissioned piece was designed to honor the 16th-century Black Trumpeter of the courts of King Henry VII & VIII. The colorway was designed in connection with the English manuscript image and then another piece was made into a sample for a showcase. You can read more about the John Blanke Project spear-headed by Michael Ohajuru, FRSA, here.

Shakespeare's White Others Book Launch

Professor David Sterling Brown commissioned a number of projects to celebrate the launch of his latest book project. These items assist as promo material but also just look fabulous. My assignment involved creating a "Lenny Kravitz-style" scarf, some fingerless gloves, and coasters that matched his book cover. Find out more about Prof DSB, his research, and purchase his book on his website here.

Classroom Teaching Aids

 I was commissioned to create tassels based on a select number of figures that were used in the class room as a teaching aid. 
Each group of tassels (10 in all) comes with a write-up about the history of the design and inspiration from pre- or early modern manuscripts. 

Special Occasions

 I was commissioned to create an infinity scarf using Tunisian crochet with embroidered roses on it for a client's family member's milestone birthday. The colorway was created to tell a story about the recipient and provide a lasting memory for them. 

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