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These creations were inspired by the Yarn Dyers Collective that gives us a colorway each month and we create something based on that. It's a wonderful community building exercise. Leo's interpretation this month is inspired by an image of the Northern Lights. It has gorgeous bursts of fuscia, turquoise, purple, bright yellow, and bright greens on a backdrop of dusky blue, black, and deepish green. The dark colors are not extremely deep to reflect the little bit of white/greyish light of the northern lights, but you will find some very intense areas. The whole skein has so much going that your project will have a lot of depth to it. This is offset It will work up gorgeously into a seasonal treat. Leo really had fun with this one, and is becoming a master dyer! 

He's titled this "Midnight Aurora".


Each skein is 100% merino. Fingering/sock weight. 400m/100g. 

This will work up beautifully as a sweater, shawl or hat or you can special order more and make a larger project. 

Each  month for this endeavor, I have a little helper named Leo who makes his own versions of the Yarn Dyers Collective monthly skeins, so keep an eye out each month for his glorious skeins and handywork. 

There should be very little if any bleeding but make sure not to wash this yarn in water warmer than 30 degrees celcius just to be sure. 

Yarn Dyer's Collective: Midnight Aurora

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