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This is 60% merino / 40% silk. DK/4-ply weight yarn. 225m/100. 


Enjoy this discounted one-off silky base! Was just experimenting in the Yarnian lab and wanted to see how specks of color would look on a silver base. This, is is a shimmery silver base with inflections of color in a palindrome style way. The colors added are yellow, pink, turquoise, green, orange and purple. The colors are not sporadic throughout, rather they are more concentrated in specific areas. The effect here is not simply speckling but some of the colors are longer streaks, as shown in the pics. It's a lovely silver with a little extra color that will add some extra oophmf. It will work up as a slightly variegated look in a number of projects you might have in store for this. Maybe a hat, cowl, gloves, socks, etc.


Being wool, it's best to wash in water no warmer than 30 degrees Celsius, and lay flat to dry. 

Medieval Mishap: Shimmery Gems

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