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Alemayehu Amore


February 2024

February's inspiration comes from an 18th-century portrait of prince Alemayehu Simyen Tewodoros (23 April 1861 – 14 November 1879). Alemayehu was the son of Emperor Tewodros II and Empress Tiruwork Wube of Ethiopia. Although Alemayehu's story is quite tragic, we are inspired by his strength and courage. This young man deserved a better life but was robbed through imperialism and colonialism. We celebrate him and send him love this month with this colorway that honors him.

The gorgeous sheen of the silky/merino blend yarn works magnificently with the soft pink, light magenta and golden specks that represent the glimpse we get of Alemayhu's golden wrap that is almost out of frame.

This month is all about love, so this beautiful blend of pinks, gold, and shimmery white are perfect.

Your package contains one skein (60% merino/ 40% silk 225m/100g), a write-up on the painting and figure, a watermelon keychain, and pattern ideas for both crocheters and knitters.

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