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Helena's Bling


January 2024

This month’s inspiration comes from a mid 17th-century image of the emperor Constantine's mother, Helena. The image was commissioned by Nikon, Orthodox patriarch of Moscow in 1656, and was completed c. 1670s. Although Helena is not Black, it was not uncommon for Orthodox representations of figures to have dark skin. It certainly gives us something interesting to think about in terms of how race worked and how people were viewed in the past from certain regions. Helena is an important figure in early Christian history and that continued to be written about during the Middle Ages.

Here her glorious navy and light blue outfit with hints of grey and soft gold and ecru is our inspiration for this month's yarn.

The gold, grey and blue tones are still wintery and perfect to ring in the new year with some bling. This month's yarn is sparkle yarn to add some glitter to our stashes.

Your package contains one skein (78% merino/ 20% nylon/ 2% sparkle 225m -superwash), a write-up on the painting and figure, and pattern ideas for both crocheters and knitters.

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