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COLORWAY:  This delicate peach solid color has a soft pink undertone. It's a pastel shade that would work well with other warm colors like yellow, orange, pink, red, or neutrals like white, grey, or black. Perfect for blankets, sweaters, baby items, and toys. The inspiration comes from the late 18th-century "Portrait of a Young Woman" with her delicate peach dress and the soft light pink of her headwrap. 



• Lace/2-ply (100g/800m)

• Merino Fingering/Sock (100g/400m)

• Merino Sport (100g/300m)

• Cash/Sock (100g/425m)

• Merino/Nylon (100g/225m)
• Merino/Nylon (SPARKLE) (100g/225m)

• Merino DK/multi-ply (100g/210m)

• Merino/Silk DK (100g/225m)

• Baby Alpaca/Merino (100g/175m)

• Merino Aran (100g/175m)

• Merino Super Chunky (150g/90m)

Peach Blush

PriceFrom €18.00
  • DYE TO ORDER: This listing price is for one skein of hand-dyed yarn. Price dependent upon base.

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