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COLORWAY:  This is a blend of three soft pastel colors, pink, light blue, and light periwinkle that play together to create transition colors to connect the colors together.  You will find soft purples and deeper shades of blue in the skein as well. It's a beautiful and versatile colorway that you can pair up with solids like Candescense Indigo, Cornflower Maiden, Ephigenia Pink or Zamor Silver. Use it for sweater yokes or whole cardigans, blankets, shawls, wraps, scarves, mittens, gloves, baby items and more. The inspiration comes from a panel image of a 14th-century Austrian manuscript depicting 3 Ethiopian women, Princess Ephigenia, Queen Candace, and a Maiden. The colorway is a variegated medley of the women's dresses. 



(arranged thinnest to thickest)

• Lace/2-ply (100g/800m)
• Merino Fingering/Sock (100g/400m)
• Cash/Sock (100g/425m)
• Merino Sport (100g/300m)
• Merino DK/multi-ply (100g/210m)
• Merino/Nylon (100g/225m)
• Merino/Silk DK (100g/225m)
• Silk Sock (100g/425m)
• Merino/Nylon (SPARKLE) (100g/225m)
• Alpaca Silk (100g/400m)
• Baby Alpaca (100g/225m)
• Baby Alpaca/Merino (100g/175m)
• Merino Aran (100g/175m)
• Merino Super Chunky (150g/90m)

Ebony Pastel Swirl

PriceFrom €18.00
  • DYE TO ORDER: This listing price is for one skein of hand-dyed yarn. Price dependent upon base.

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