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COLORWAY:  This pastel medley has splashes of light sapphire and teal with light smokey grey and a dash of pale pink. A gorgeous variegated colorway that is perfect for every season. You can use it on its own or mix it with some dark or light neutrals for an eye-catching piece. The colors would work well as a gender neutral blanket as well. This is a great neutral color for baby items and will also work great as blankets, pillows, shawls, wraps, scarves, and more. The colorway is inspired by King Balthazar's image in this 17th-century Flemish painter, David Teniers II the Younger’s “Adoration of the Kings.” The soft grey, blue, teal, and pink are used softly together to create this gorgeous, versatile colorway. 



(arranged thinnest to thickest)

• Lace/2-ply (100g/800m)
• Merino Fingering/Sock (100g/400m)
• Cash/Sock (100g/425m)
• Merino Sport (100g/300m)
• Merino DK/multi-ply (100g/210m)
• Merino/Nylon (100g/225m)
• Merino/Silk DK (100g/225m)
• Silk Sock (100g/425m)
• Merino/Nylon (SPARKLE) (100g/225m)
• Alpaca Silk (100g/400m)
• Baby Alpaca (100g/225m)
• Baby Alpaca/Merino (100g/175m)
• Merino Aran (100g/175m)
• Merino Super Chunky (150g/90m)

Balthazar's Pastel Promenade

PriceFrom €18.00
  • DYE TO ORDER: This listing price is for one skein of hand-dyed yarn. Price dependent upon base.

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