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"Hannibal's Harvest"


October 2023

This month’s inspiration comes from a painting of the Afro-Russian nobleman, military engineer, mathematician, and general, Abram Petrovich Gannibal (AKA Ibrahim Hannibal, Abram Hannibal or Abram Petrov) (1696-1781). The Autumn medley reflects the warm colors that adorn Hannibal. The array of colors include persimmon, soft yellow, light brown, ecru, and black specks. The specks reflect the leopard print subtly draped over Hannibal and add dimension that will add a little oomphf to your project.

Your package contains one skein (merino DK/multi-ply yarn, 210m -superwash), a write-up on the painting and figure, and pattern ideas for both crocheters and knitters.

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