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Suri Silk Haze Minis 
75% Baby Suri Alpaca, 25% Silk     
Each skein is 210m / 25g


Suri Silk Haze feels like a cloud in your hand. It is 75% Baby Suri Alpaca and 25% Silk which feels and looks divine. It’s light-weight and creates a “halo” look. It’s dreamy. You can pair it up with other yarns to create a more textured “fuzzy” look or knit or crochet it up on its own. This is a great alternative to mohair for those who have allergies or aren’t a fan. 
Care instructions: handwash and dry flat.



There are 10 color options:


1) For those who want a white base to work with on its own or to mix with other fabrics this one is for you!


2) St. Maurice Green is based off of the deep green colorway with blue undertones. There are light variations of lighter green that add depth to the deep green. 

3) Moorish Red is a deep vermillion red with inflections of fiery red.  


4) Theban Blue is a medley of navy and turquoise that add dimension and offer a rich varied blue that will work well with so many other shades. 


5) Ephigenia Pink is a soft pink colorway that matches the regular soft pastel pink base. 


6) Sunny Yellow is a pale yellow colorway that is close to the regular Sunny Sojourner Yellow colorway. 


7) Burgundy is a beautiful burgundy shade that matches its regular King Kaleb Burgundy counterpart. 


8) Burnt Orange is an intense burnt orange color that is close to the regular Bellissimo Burnt Orange.


9) Lilac is a beautiful lilac colorway that is reminiscent of the light Liturgical Lilac colorway in the shop. 


10) Silver is a soft silvery grey that is very similar to Zamor Satin Silver. 


Suri Silk Haze Minis

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