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Current Monthly Subscription Yarn

Here you will find our current specialty yarn, as well as previous colorways. If you would like to special order any of these please send me a message. Special discounts for subscription members. You have until the 15th of each month (so you have until December 15th) to order the current colorway.

Introducing "Festive Queen."
This month’s inspiration comes from a late 15th-century, French coat-of-arms. It is found in Aix-en-Provence, BM, 1804 (res. Ms 56). The image stuck out to me because the woman here is a symbol of strength. She bears a striking resemblance to images of the Queen of Sheba who was often depicted as a Black woman with long golden hair. Although it was rare, Black people were sometimes depicted in European heraldry. Whoever she is, she is immortalized in a powerful and glorious way.

The deep foresty green had undertones of blue that fade out and into a beautiful red with orange depth to replicate the two dominant colors in the manuscript image. It's perfect for the festive season but also great for the wintery season. This month comes with some extra treats as we usher in the New Year.

Your package contains one skein (60% merino/ 40% silk DK yarn, 225m -superwash), ornament charms, sweets, a write-up on the painting and figure, and pattern ideas for both crocheters and knitters.

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