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Keep your hands warm when you go to marches or just wear these in support of Palestine. These are a little stretchy and will fit most youth to adult hands, so they are one size fits all. The gloves are a little longer in length so suitable for all arm lengths (and you can fold them up like I do if you are smaller). These were made by Leo who is very keen to help support Gaza in any way he can. 

The fingerless gloves are made with 100% merino (DK), so will keep your hands nice and warm. The gloves come in two different patterns:

1) variegated with the colors of the Palestinian flag (red, green, black and white)

2) striped. The colorway creates a more distinct angled stripe pattern across the gloves. 


80% of proceeds will go to Save the Children that works in conjunction with the Gazan crisis. We should be able to help with blankets and emergency items with our donation. 

Palestine Solidarity Fingerless Gloves

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