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This is a limited stock run.


This gorgeous pink, purple, green, & ecru medley is inspired by Marsha P Johnson's glorious floral crown. It's a variegated colorway with no muddiness, and the colors work gorgeously together to create a beautiful floral blend. The colors are pulled directly from Marsha's crown with the little bit of white representing the babie's breath flowers that accent her floral crown.  

Each skein comes with a stained-glass sticker of Marsha to commemorate her advocacy for the homeless, LGBTQ+ community, and her AIDS and HIV activism. 

Each package contains one skein of 75% merino, 25% nylon. Superwash fingering/sock weight. 400m (437y)/100g. 1 stained-glass image of Marsha P. Johnson. 


10% of sales will go to the Marsha P Johnson Institute 


First batch ships May 27th. 

Description: The merino gives natural elasticity which is boosted with the nylon so you get great movement and stretch but it will bounce back wonderfully into shape. The merino fibres are not itchy or scratchy on the skin. The yarn is perfect for socks, shawls, and tops, but can equally can be knitted into scarves, bags, granny squares, or baby garments which will feel soft next to the skin due to the fine merino used. As this is superwash, you can wash your finished product in a washing machine. Recommended not to use water hotter than 30°C. 

Marsha's Crown

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