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COLORWAY:  The colorway is a beautiful soft tonal green with blue undertones on one side and a light flamingo pink that fades into the middle. It's a beautiful green/pink blend that will work up beautifully. Each skein has slightly darker and lighter colors throughout to give projects more dimension and variation.  You can pair these with Pale Green Knight, neutral greys, blacks, creams, or with Ephigenia Pink. This would work great as blankets, pillows, shawls, wraps, scarves, mittens, gloves, baby items and more. The colorway is inspired by the 18th-century painting by German-born George Christoph Grooth's "Portrait of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna on Horseback with a Negro Boy." 



(arranged thinnest to thickest)

• Lace/2-ply (100g/800m)
• Merino Fingering/Sock (100g/400m)
• Cash/Sock (100g/425m)
• Merino Sport (100g/300m)
• Merino DK/multi-ply (100g/210m)
• Merino/Nylon (100g/225m)
• Merino/Silk DK (100g/225m)
• Silk Sock (100g/425m)
• Merino/Nylon (SPARKLE) (100g/225m)
• Alpaca Silk (100g/400m)
• Baby Alpaca (100g/225m)
• Baby Alpaca/Merino (100g/175m)
• Merino Aran (100g/175m)
• Merino Super Chunky (150g/90m)

Leafy Rose Harmony

PriceFrom €18.00
  • DYE TO ORDER: This listing price is for one skein of hand-dyed yarn. Price dependent upon base.

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